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Beverly M. Burgdorf

Whether it's a colorful mixed media floral or a brilliantly postured ceramic monkey, Beverly Maybank Burgdorf is a masterful artist with a flair for the different.

Her creativity makes each piece uniquely suited to her sensibilities and to her desire to let her vision flow from her hands through a brush, potter's wheel or sculptors tools into her works.

She is most noted for her playful use of color in her mixed media paintings allowing them to be unique and "artsy" without an aire of pretense. Her ceramics have similar characteristics -- fun, playful and creative.

These characteristics give her works vibrancy and life.


" Beverly Burgdorf is a versatile artist who specializes in colorful mixed media paintings, ceramic sculptures and functional ceramic pieces.  Her mixed media style is renowned for her process of layering colorful acrylics, fabrics, and papers, including some papers that are more than 150 years old. Each piece transforms into unique florals and landscapes."

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110 Bacon Ave.

Williamsburg, VA 23188

(757) 941-8926